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Rubber Wheel Chocks are a low cost, effective way of preventing unexpected movement of vehicles.
Chocking, also known as blocking, is done to prevent trucks, trailers and other vehicles from unintentionally moving. This is especially important to prevent rolling or overturning, while workers are loading, unloading, hitching, unhitching or servicing the vehicles. Unintentional movement is a scary and dangerous situation. It can cause injury and in some cases death.
Basic Chocking
At Ronfell we supply chocks that are specifically designed for the type of vehicle you are driving, especially paying attention to size. As we have such a wide range it is especially important to use the right chock for the job. Never use a make-shift chock. That includes lumber, bricks, rocks or any other creative contraption you come up with on the fly. Use only proper wheel chocks that are manufactured and regulated to do the job right.
Make sure to keep sets of chocks in the truck or trailer, you cannot rely on the docks to always have them. That being said, it is best practice for the docks to have wheel chocks, and for that matter wheel chocks that are chained to the dock to prevent theft or loss.
Chocking at a Dock
Upon arrival, set the brakes and activate the locking mechanism included on the dock. You’ll need to be parked as firmly and as closely to the dock as possible. Engage the chocks on both the left and right wheels that are closest to the loading dock.
Be extremely mindful when you know a forklift will be driving in and out of the trailer from the edge of the dock. When the wheels are not chocked, or blocked, the trailer can become dislodged creating a space between the dock and the trailer. Forklift operators can get caught in that space or fall into the gap that is created. Do not drive a forklift into a trailer until you are sure the wheels are properly and safely chocked.

Giant Wheel Chock

Rubber Wheel Chocks

Rubber Wheel Chocks are available for all vehicles, tanks, military and commercial vehicles.

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