10 Road and Vehicle Safety Products you should be using!

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The road can be a dangerous place and a vehicle can quickly turn into a deadly weapon when not used safely. Ronfell are passionate about the public’s well being and believe vehicle safety is paramount. So, to help you understand the different products and why they are important to use, we have selected our top 10 safety items you probably should be using.

1. Wheel Chocks
Whether it is a large vehicle (lorries/heavy machinery) or even you standard car, you would expect the hand brake to do its job and secure the vehicle safely in place. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case and it should be standard procedure to have additional safety measures in place. A Wheel Chock is a simple yet highly effective way to secure your vehicle. All you need to do is invest a few seconds of your day, whilst you slot the chock against the wheel and a fatal accident could be avoided.

2. Cable Protector
Cables connecting expensive electrical equipment need to be protected from heavy machinery and harsh weather conditions. Cable protectors shield the wires so that any heavy vehicle passing by will roll over the small ramp having no direct contact with the cable.

3. Heavy Duty Wall Guard
A Heavy Duty Wall Guard protects vehicles from walls and stillages if a collision was to occur. The wall guard acts as extra cushioning, meaning that the potential damage could be limited.

4. Hose Ramps
A Safety Hose Ramp is similar to cable protectors and shields a hose so any heavy vehicle passing over won’t cause any damage. When the ramp is in place, it is required to have warning signs so they are always approached by with minimum speed.

5. Bollards
A bollard is a small post that is intended to guide vehicles and protect areas from vehicle intrusions. Bollards can keep order on the roads creating the safest possible environment.

6. HGV Bumper
A HGV Bumper is small bumper for heavy goods vehicles. You place the bumper on the back of vehicles to prevent anything from hitting against the bodywork causing damage.

7. Pump Truck Stop
The Pallet Truck Stopper is the perfect way to avoid a pallet truck from moving, particularly when in transportation. Not only does this guard the vehicle, but whatever is inside as well.

8. Traffic Cone
A traffic cones has primarily two uses in the United Kingdom. Firstly, they can be used to indicate to drivers that no parking is allowed in a certain area. Secondly, they can be placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe way.

9. Speed Ramps
In the UK areas prone to speeding drivers may need a speed ramp in place to help prevent speeding. Normally, signs will be used in the hope that the limits won’t be broken. Unfortunately, many people may continue to speed and a ramp can help maintain slower speeds.

10. Kerbs
Curbs are useful in a number of ways, and are vital in keeping roads in order. One of its most obvious functions is that they separate the road from the pavement and in most case prevent cars from driving/parking in areas they shouldn’t. They also have a useful structure, as they can help channel water into drains when there are heavy storms. Kerbs can be costly when a road is built so you may see them less in rural areas like the countryside.

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